Sunday, October 28, 2012


I cant believe it is Halloween! It seems like yesterday we were over at the Mckays carving pumpkins for last years halloween party. Needless to say, Channing is VERY excited for halloween. His choice of costume changes every day. From Tony Stark/Ironman to Wolverine to Fireman Sam. He might be changing costumes a couple times halloween night. Channing is convinced I am going to be Rhodes (Ironmans friend) and Amber will be Black Widow, so maybe Londyn can be Pepper. We will see...
Last night was the ward chili cook off. It was fun! My sister Emma came with us and spent the night too. Channing was so excited to have his Aunt Emma sleep over. He loves her so much. After the cook off, we went and got pumpkins and carved them.

Londyn is 17 months old and is adorable. She loves to pick on Channing and wrestle around with him. She gives him big hugs but wont stop until they both fall on the ground, and then she starts to crawl on him and give him kisses. haha. its hilarious. Channing always get a big smile on his face and says "She just loves me so much!" At least they get along.... for now. She is also quite the little helper. She loves getting the broom and sweeping the kitchen, and putting the stool up to the kitchen sink to do the dishes.

The kids love to sing and dance around. I wish I could upload the video of Chan and Londyn dancing the other day, but the computer chord is MIA. It was so funny. Channing loves the song Gangnam Style, so they were dancing to it with Londyn and she was just cracking up as they were dancing. It was so dang cute and funny.

Amber and I went to Laguna Beach to visit our friends Cameron and Kerry Stradling. It was so much fun! It was our first vacation we have taken in 3 years! It was good to get away, and fun to see our friends. We also went to Downtown Disney and met up with my Mark and Tina and their family. It was so fun to see them! They live in Oregon so we don't see them that often. I don't know where the group pic. of all us are, so here is one of Christopher and I. Hopefully we can make a trip up to Oregon next year.

Amber and I also went Las Vegas for a couple days. It was fun to get away, but neither of us knew what there was to do or where to go so it was a lot of walking. Also, a lot of the shows we wanted to see don't play on Monday or Tuesday (the two nights we were there) so that was a bummer.  It was fun to experience something new and spend some time with Amber though.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Life is always changing. I cant stop my kids from growing up. I really wish I could. Or just slow it down for a time. Channing turned 3 this month and is just crazy smart. Anything I say around this kid not only gets repeated once but a week later he will bring up this random conversation we had a week ago and he remembers it perfectly. He loves making up songs about whatever he is doing at the moment. He loves his baby sister and loves to help her try to walk. They play so good together and he really is the bestest big brother! He talks so great to her and is just so soft. He protects her and knows his role as her brother. We are not ready for the hot summer coming up... so well have to see about that!

We are trying to de-clutter our house! Its a never-ending chore it seems. Each Saturday I go yard saleing with my mom and we just bring in more junk it seems haha but we NEED it!!! Its mainly toys for Channing and clothes.

Brandon and I need to get away! We always say we will and this year for our anniversary (4th on march 13th) we are!! Not sure when or where but soon we will decide!! I need to take more pics too, these 2 kids are growing so fast and Brandon and I are getting older by the day!

Monday, January 30, 2012


Done with school!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! Its been forever!!! I cant believe how long I've been working on this. Its seemed longer with the kids here and a husband. I definitely recommend going to school before marriage and kids come along! Anyways its done and now I can start working toward another goal. L/D is a specialty among nurses that you can't just get into when your brand new. I will work with whatever job I can get until I can get into the hospital settings and then I will try to work my way into the baby field!!

Channing is just growing so big and I cannot believe it. I look at him and just think how grown up he is and how much he has learned in the last year. He is so sweet to his baby sissy and I can tell he loves her just so much. I'm so blessed to have them, such sweet spirits, in my life. I have no idea what my husband and I did to deserve them!
Londyn is 7 months old growing on 15. She is such an inquisitive little thing and nothing stands in her way of what she wants!! She absolutely loves her brother and laughs at every single thing he does! He just has to look at her and she busts her gut! Shes a little thing at 14 lbs but has a ton of spunk and we will have our hands full with these two!!

We started a couple projects, putting shelves up in the garage, painting the baby's crib/dresser. Its fun to think of all the things that can look different with just another coat of paint but the work we have to put in is enormous!! I've also wanted to become better at baking but every single cookie that doesn't turn out drops my spirits.

WE are trying to sell out a bunch of stuff to de-clutter our house!! Its amazing the things you collect over 3 years.

I will try to update more often and hopefully I will have a job and Brandon will be in his program by the next blog!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

wow sorry people

I'ts been forever since I've written!!! Londyn turned 7 months yesterday and today is my little sister Kalie's 18th birthday!! Time fly's let me tell ya! Londyn is crawling a ton and getting anywhere she wants to get! She is the most ambitious baby I've ever seen! Channing continues to amaze us all and is totally potty trained and saying things that just blow our minds.

Ive been sewing alot lately and doing that instead of studying for my NCLEX which I take SOON! I need to buckle down and just study till its over. Priorities!
Brandon got his hunting license and will put in for something this year and hopes to be chosen!! It would be so exciting!

I have many things Ive sewn and would love to post pics so more to come! Dresser and crib pics coming!

Monday, June 13, 2011

She's Here!!!!!!!!

yeah she finally came!! Londyn Kate Pedersen decided to come at 38 weeks to the day on 6/11/11 at 1254am at 7lbs 10oz 20in long. She was almost two lbs bigger then channing!!!

I had my morning appt at 10 where I asked her to strip my membranes (I hardly felt it, many people have said it is very painful but I didnt feel a thing except pressure.) I was at 4cm and she said she would be surprised if I was still pregnant by Monday. She said get walking and be active. I felt cramping and pressure the rest of the day but for the most part, not different. I decided that I wouldn't skip my nap luckily. Brandon got home around 4pm and we were watching tv and decided to get up and clean. Contractions started slightly and stayed steady. We went on a walk and they got stronger. They were about 8 min apart and I decided to take a shower. My dr had said to call if they didnt go away after 30 min of being painful since she predicted Id go very very fast. The baby was low and I was already 4cm and she would be my second baby. I called and unfortunately my dr was not on call. A man dr was on call and he was very nice but I was nervous. he said if they dont stop to come in but if they stopped in the hospital he would send me home. NOt wanting that, I decided to go on another walk. They got stronger around 730pm and we decided to go in. My mom was at work, Cindy was at the cabin and 2 hours away. We let everyone know we were going in and Chan went to his uncle tylers. We got admitted at 830 and she check me. I was still at a 4 so she sent me walking. At 10pm she checked me again and I was at a 5-6cm. She called the dr and he said start the IV and she asked if I wanted the Epidural. I said not yet and then she said that she would take 30 min to get there. I decided to call since I had no idea how bad they would be in 30 min! She came in like 10 min and I got it. The contractions weren't really bad yet but I figured why not. She checked me again around 11 and I was at a 7-8. My water broke and suddenly I was at a 9cm. We called to see how far away my mom and Cindy were and they came right in the room as I was complete and needed to push. She called the dr and he came pretty fast too. Three contractions and she was out! I tore pretty bad just like with Chan. She was bigger then he was but came just as fast. She was pretty bruised but it has gone away. LOTS of dark hair haha. Very different from channing. Were happy to have a healthy baby this time and are nervous because this is a whole new experience!! Pics to come soon!

Friday, May 27, 2011

family pics before baby comes

School ended early May and summer has gone by so fast! Brandon continues to work full time at SHC and I am at home with Channing. That is a job in itself. He is so curious about everything and wants to do things himself which is great but it takes twice the time and three times the clean up afterward. Its ok, hes 2. He is getting excited for the baby to come. I think he generally understands what's going to happen. Too bad I don't. I am not fully getting how busy having two will be. I look at my friends with two and they make it seem so easy. I have great inlaws and parents who have taken numerous times this summer so I can rest and get things done. Everytime I try to clean a room with him home, he comes right behind me to undo everything I have done!! He is talking so much and I cannot believe some of the things he says. He makes me laugh everyday and is my budd. He is getting quite the imagination and will sometimes make me the queen while he is the king and we will play or sometimes he calls me daddy so he can be mommy and boss me around. I think he puts me in time out more then I put him in. He is working on listening and is doing pretty ok at it. He has had trouble with running from me and laughing because I cannot catch him. Wait till I"m not 9 months pregnant and then he will see how fast I can be. Bedtime is getting alot better which a few set backs due to his imagination and saying he is scared of a giant (Golith in his David and Golith book) but we're working on that.

I am 9 months pregnant today (36 weeks) and I have never been this pregnant before. Channing was the easiest pregnancy looking back. I had no swelling, no backpain, no sleeping problems, no shortness of breath, no nauseousness.... With this baby I have all the above plus more!! I cant believe how big my feet can get! I have logs now, no ankles haha. This pregnancy has really been very normal, its the dr making it dramatic.
At 28 weeks she did a test to predict preterm labor and it was positive so into the hospital for monitoring we went. We got the betamethasone injections for her lung development then. Then at 30 weeks she did the same stupid test, positive again so back in the hospital for monitoring. All the while, me in school, worrying Id have her early and she'd be in the NICU for months!! All that stress and nothing happened. NO contractions. School was over and I was 34 weeks and so ready for baby to come and nothing. Nothing nothing nothing. I am 36 weeks and cant wait to be induced. I am making my husband miserable I'm sure but he is being so great. Nightly walks and massages are great and I will miss them after we have her. I am dilating somewhat (2cm) and she is engaged and far down. I just wish everyday that contractions come or my water breaks. My dr said she will not induce me till I'm at 39 weeks unless my water breaks. I have been doing everything to try to make her come but no go. I just have to wait. I just want her so I can have the most time with her during the summer. I go back to school the 24th of Aug. She will be only 8 weeks. It makes me sad but class is only 2-3 days a week. It will go by fast I hope.

Pics of May 2011 Family pics!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011